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Workshop of mathematics for all

In French or in English, the Cours Galois is a mathematics and coding workshop with effective and innovative teaching methods created by Dr. Jeremy Marcq, instructor at Harvard and Boston University, expert pedagogue of facilitated understanding of math for all.

If you need to improve your math or assimilate what you cannot understand, the Cours Galois is made for you.

Classes are provided in Paris and Boston.

Dr. Jeremy Marcq

Successful student journeys

"I was finally able to understand many mathematical concepts that I had never assimilated in high school. This allowed me to be admitted to Boston University."

Jesse L.
Brookline High School and
Boston University (graduated in 2021)

"I was not serene for my first with maths, and the support of Cours Galois allowed me to strengthen my skills and move to a better average! I look to my future direction with confidence."

Lenny K.

Jesse L.JPG
Lenny K.heic

A new
to teach

For Dr. Jérémy Marcq, the current methodology of teaching mathematics in schools leads many students to fail every day in this essential subject. You have to learn the concepts and then apply them, not the other way around.

Wanting to understand how to apply what you learn, yes, but learning only through examples prevents the development of intuition and the focus is not on what is important. This results in students often getting stuck on the grounds that this particular example "has never been done before". 

If you are on this site, you probably share this point of view... 

He has therefore redesigned the courses and offers you an effective method based on the elimination of useless and superfluous elements that prevent the understanding of mathematical concepts.

Going to the essential makes it easier to understand what might seem complicated to you.

This clear and effective method makes Cours Galois the place to understand mathematics that you have always been looking for. You will see it from the first lesson!

Educate yourself and rediscover learning math from an early age. It's easy.

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